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Benefit Society

The Awareness Region Mauthausen - Gusen - St. Georgen Benefit Society was founded on 9 November 2016.

We invite everyone interested in the Awareness Region to support it.

A first meeting of the committees working on the implementation of project ideas took place on Friday 13 January 2017 from 16:00 to 20:00 in the Aktivpark St. Georgen / Gusen. 

Would you like to become a member? Here you will find the registration form Print, fill it out and send it back to us.  

To be able to organise our human rights symposium as perfectly as possible, we have started a crowd-funding project under this link https://www.respekt.net/projekte-unterstuetzen/details/projekt/1536/. Again, we request support.

Logo RespektNet
Portrait Herr Erich

Bgm. Ing. Erich Wahl, MBA


Vizebürgermeisterin Gabriele Stitz


Josef Katzlinger

Perspektive Mauthausen

Mag.a Gudrun Blohberger

KZ-Gedenkstätte Mauthausen

Portrait Herr Punkenhofer

Bgm. Thomas Punkenhofer


Vizebürgermeister Nerat Alexander, LAbg.


Portrait Herr Muehleder

Bernhard Mühleder

Plattform Johann Gruber

Christian Carbonari

Rechnungsprüfer Mauthausen

Portrait Herr Aufreiter

Bgm. Christian Aufreiter

Vorsitzender-Stellvertreter Kassier



Gemeindevorstand Franz Haslinger


Stefan Nuspl

Plattform Johann Gruber

Dr. Michael Hohl

Rechnungsprüfer Langenstein

Portrait Frau Wahl

Mag.a Wahl Andrea


Gemeindevorstand Walter Hofstätter

Perspektive Mauthausen

Ing. Rudolf A. Haunschmied

Gedenkdienstkomitee Gusen

Dr.in Renate de Kruijff

Rechnungsprüferin St. Georgen/Gusen