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About us

The Awareness Region depends on many supporters for its work. In addition to the leader regions of the EU, we are supported by various organisations and volunteers in the region. For this purpose, the ‘Awareness Region Mauthausen, Gusen, St. Georgen Benefit Society’ was founded on 9 November 2016.

We thank all those who have made our work possible so far with services and donations, and invite all interested persons to make contact with us. You can also become a member and contribute to the success of the Awareness Region with a financial contribution and your cooperation.

As a non-profit organisation, we depend on supporters and look forward to every donation.

We request a transfer to our account, made payable to the Awareness Region Mauthausen - Gusen - St. Georgen Benefit Society,

Raiffeisenbank Perg, Mauthausen, IBAN AT563477700003858594, BIC RZ00AT2L777

To be able to organise our human rights symposium as perfectly as possible, we have started a crowd-funding project at www.respekt.net. Again, we request support.