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Municipal Association

After resolutions in the local councils of the Mauthausen, Langenstein and St. Georgen/Gusen municipalities, as well as in the federal state parliament, the collective Municipality Association Awareness Region Mauthausen, Gusen, Langenstein was formed on 18 January 2016:

  1. “Conscious of the historical burden caused by the establishment and operation of extermination facilities by the National Socialist regime in the region.
  2. In an effort to address this historic burden by pooling human and economic resources in the region, and to raise awareness, both in the local population and far beyond the region, of its former development and terrible transgressions.
  3. We hope that this will increase critical and responsible awareness both in the region and in the general public, and
  4. have the aim of contributing to the humanisation of society and preventing such misguided developments in the future by providing information on past regional incidents and creating a critical and vigilant awareness.”

(Excerpt from the statutes)

The office of the Awareness Region was established by the local authority of the market town of Mauthausen.

Since 1 June 2016 there has been a full-time employee: Mag.a Andrea Wahl leads business dealings and supports the board as assistant.

Portrait Herr Erich

SPÖ Bgm. Ing. Erich Wahl, MBA


FPÖ Vizebürgermeister Alexander Nerat, LAbg.


Portrait Herr Punkenhofer

SPÖ Thomas Punkenhofer, LtAbg.

Obmann Stellvertreter

ÖVP Franz Haslinger


Portrait Herr Aufreiter

SPÖ Bgm. Christian Aufreiter


Portrait Frau Wahl

Mag.a Wahl Andrea


SPÖ Vizebürgermeisterin Gabriele Sitz