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Transnational project meeting Thursday November 3rd – Saturday 5th 2022 in Mauthausen – Gusen

In this hybrid meeting representatives of Poland and Italy spoke about milestones of the exhibition. It is a central point to find the definitions of forced work, slavery work in the context with actual topics of human rights nowadays. We want to build a red line through the exhibition and want to discuss this in a further way with experts next time. The participants took part in the opening of the sixth international human rights symposium, visited the way of human rights, the memorial Mauthausen and some workshops.



Sitz: Marktplatz 7, 4310 Mauthausen

Zustelladresse/Büro: Haus der Erinnerung, Marcel-Callo-Straße 3, 4222 St. Georgen / Gusen

T: 0043 699 16886513
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